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Story always fascinates me.
I was a journalist. I've worked developing stories for many issues for magazine and online magazine for years, before I decided to hop being PRgirl where I also create more stories and acting like a storyteller. That's why, I'm in love with books, movies, songs or even video games that has wonderful stories to go with... even I can tell food and sexy lingeries have amazing stories behind.

My name is Brigida Alexandra and it's been awesome years writing this blog with 50% silliness and 50% seriousness. I'm a feminist, animal lover, movie buffs (I dig for indie and film fest thingy), music all-ears person (especially jazz), videogame freak, and a coffie junkie who also writes on personal blog The Interesting Stranger and many else.

I love cooking, baking, video games, lego, photography and hot guys. An undiagnosed bipolar person who thinks Hello Kitty is her alter-ego and has Doraemon as her twin soul-mate.
A Lois Lane who is trying to be my own Superman and in love with Batman (and Christian Grey).

By the way, call me Bree.
I was an English teacher, so I was called 'miss'. Maybe, you call me MisSpell. Coz even though I'm a Grammar Nazi, I do misspell, too, sometimes.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this total randomness!

Where's my bunker?

All photos are mostly shot in my bedroom or at work. Or somewhere else nicer.

Gadgets and equipment:

Samsung Note 2 + Samsung Galaxy S7
Canon 1000D, 18-55 mm

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